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Flower Care Tips

When you receive your bouquet of flowers from a friend or loved one there are steps you can take to extend the Longevity of the flowers you receive, follow this simple guide to give your flowers a better chance of making you happier for longer.
It's worth noting also that some types of flowers will come with a little packet of flower food, this is usually something a little sweet, almost like stevia or sugar comma it's important to add this to the water when you have added the flowers to a vase. Again, by doing this you are giving yourself the best chance of allowing your flowers to live for longer.
Take a peek daily
When you're received your flowers it's important to get them into a vase or some type of container as soon as you possibly can. When you have placed the flowers in the vase or container ensure that you add enough water to cover at least 10 centimetres of the bottom of the stems.  At this point, if you received the flower food upon your delivery, you should add that to the water now. If you didn't receive any flower food we urge you to add half a teaspoon of it is a lemonade or sugar. Every few days you must change the water which also includes washing out the bars and getting rid of any unwanted things like bacteria full stop bacteria can inhibit the flowering of the buds on the stems of the flowers. these simple few steps are super easy to do and are a sure way to extend the life of the flowers quite easily.
Watch those stems & change that water
You read it you really need to watch out for your stems.  that when you change the water every few days it's important to remove the flowers gently, and take some time to remove approximately 4 centimetres of the bottom of the stems, it's also important to cut the stems at a 45-degree angle. If you are doing that to roses, and the rose stem still have spikes, be very careful not to hurt yourself. Although we must say that we never send roses out with spikes on them full stop
It's advised that if you are going to cut the stems of the flowers that you use sharp scissors. If you do not have scissors you could also use a knife however it's important to be very careful when doing this full stop
When she did finish cutting the stems place all the flowers back into the vase with the new water full stop at this point you most likely will not have any flower food left so you can easily add, like we said above, it half a teaspoon of sugar.
Keep your flowers cool
Keeping your flowers in a cool place in the home is also a very simple way to extend the life of your stunning flowers. The ideal place would not only be cool but be out of direct sunlight. the Optimum temperature for flowers to thrive is somewhere between 19 and 23 degrees Celsius. As a lot of homes have air conditioning and central heating this should not be too much of a problem. In Fahrenheit, this is 66 - 73 degrees - approximately.
Alstroemeria Flowers
Alstroemeria flowers are traditionally very thirsty flowers. In most cases when you receive Alstroemeria flowers the buds are seemingly quite tightly packed, with the proper nutrition and food supplements, also water, these will open to full bloom for you and your loved ones to enjoy.
Amaryllis Flowers
If you have been lucky enough to receive amaryllis flowers comma for say your anniversary, you'll be happy to know that they are just stunning to view. On occasions, they may arrive with some of the flowers in bloom but also some of them still yet open in large buds. When caring for amaryllis flowers for example when you trim the stems you need to be quite careful as they are often quite brittle and when cutting it's easy to split the stems.  as an expert florist tip, you could consider sticking sticky tape around the bottom of the steps to stop them splitting while you cut them how are you should cut approximately 3 cm off every day and then add them to new water full stop to extend the life of the newly opened flowers you should carefully cut or pick off the wilting ones.
Birds of Paradise Flowers
Birds of Paradise are an awesome looking flower and suit occasions where you really want them to stand out, for example, anniversaries.
Generally speaking Birds of Paradise have approximately 5 to 6 flowers per stem. it may be that sometimes you can only see one or two flowers but rest assured there are other ones hidden. When one of the one's that are on show start to go brown pick off the flower with your fingers or snip it with some scissors. At this point you should see inner flowers comma if you can then you should be able to slide them out if you are very careful.
Birds of Paradise are particularly sensitive to varying temperatures especially lower temperatures that are less than 15 degrees Celsius.
Carnation Flowers
Carnations are one of our most popular flour products they're awesome for Birthday surprises, for anniversaries, for new babies, for weddings, and for just about any other occasion you can think of.
You are lucky enough to receive a bunch of carnations, or a season or flower bunch that happens to contain carnations it's very important that you follow this rough guide as to how to care for them full stop
The first thing you should know is that carnations should never be stored near any type of food as the Decay process of food releases a gas that carnations and not especially fond of full stop
Like most other flowers carnations in a vase should have their water changed every 2 days. But, unlike other flowers, you need to pay special attention to the stems when cutting them.  carnations have a little known that generally leaves on the stem, it's just above this place that you should make the cut. Remember the car should be approximately at 45 degrees of the stem. It's possible with the right care that a bunch of carnations can last anywhere between 7 days and 13 days, however this also depends on the type of carnation.
Chrysanthemum flowers
More traditional flower, in most cases, Chrysanthemums are one of the oldest gifting flower there is full stop
If you receive carnations as a gift the first thing to remember is to arrange them in a glass vase, then add water, then store in a place in your home that is at least 3 metres away from any fruit or food products. Chrysanthemums tend not to like the gases that are released when any type of food decays - a little like Carnations.
To give your chrysanthemums the best possible chance of surviving longer than a few days once delivered you must ensure that you pick off any petals that have started to wilt or go brown. Wilted petals or brown pedals will hasten the aging process of the other flowers.
Like with most flowers in a vase, chrysanthemums require a little bit of love to make them last longer that includes changing the water in a vase every two days, having a teaspoon of sugar or lemonade every 2 days, and cutting the stems every 2 days. The stem should be cut approximately 5 cm every 2 days and at a 45-degree angle. Doing this and keeping them out of the sun should have a very positive impact on the life of your flowers.
Freshly picked chrysanthemums, with the right sort of care, should last from between 6 and 11 days.
Daffodil Flowers
Unlike most other flowers daffodils prefer a little bit less water than usual. When we refer to daffodils we say less is more...So after you trim the stems of the Daffodils you only need to add a little bit of water, that is just maybe 2 cm above the bottom of the stems.
So how do I cut the stems? Well actually when you cut daffodils stands they tend to release a little bit of white sap and this can be detrimental to the life of the daffodil. Therefore, when you trim the stems of daffodils please be careful as that's app is also detrimental to other flowers in the bunch of flowers she may have received full stop to avoid the sap affecting the other flowers in the bunch please ensure that you keep them in a separate bucket of water for up to 5 hours before adding them back into the other Bunch.
Daises Flowers
Who doesn't love daisies they are one of the most recognisable flowers on the planet, apart from roses that is full stop
When caring for daisies you can abide some of the above guidelines. That is keep them out of direct sunlight, cut the stems every few days, but when it comes to water daisies are generally quite a thirsty flower. Most other flowers on this list you need to water every two days but with daisies we advise checking the water every single day which will normally mean topping it up. If you receive these flowers and you've put them into a vase please ensure that device is full of water.
Gerbera Daisy Flowers
Gerbera daisies are one of the most commonly given flowers apart from roses and they normally come in wonderful colours like pink, yellow, purple, brown, white, and even sometimes blue. They happen to be the flower that lasts in a vase longer than any other flower, we refer to this as vase life.
At the moment, you can see here that we have only listed a few different types of popular flowers, and the coming months we will had far more flowers to this list. Stay tuned.

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