Frequently Asked Questions - By Lily's Florist Hong Kong

Why should I order flowers with you?
We are glad you asked that question because it does require a good answer and we believe we have one.
Lily's Florist Hong Kong is the premier delivery florist in the city and has been delivering fresh flowers for over 10 years we have a strong reputation for excellent flowers and outstanding customer service.
Our range of same day flowers is like no other in the city and covers A vast range of special occasions like anniversaries, birthdays, congratulations, new babies, get well, Funerals and sympathies, and even wedding flowers.
We are honest reliable and completely transparent about our pricing and about our services that we offer to our customers all over the world.
For your convenience we offer a same day flower delivery service to all areas of Hong Kong at extremely reasonable prices.
More than anything else so we really care about you and realise that when you were sending flowers it  can be a rather emotional purchase so we like to think that we are particularly understanding and empathetic towards what you need and what you desire for your friends or loved ones.
What currency do you charge in?
All our prices are in US dollars as this is the safest currency for us to use and less prone to global fluctuations.
I live in Europe and what I sent flowers to my girlfriend working in Hong Kong, how can I do that?
We like to pride ourselves on being the number one expat florist in Hong Kong we've worked really hard to gain that position and you can order flowers from ice and trust that we will get the job done for you and bring smiles all round.
Can I give you a delivery time?
Lily's Florist Hong Kong and does not guarantee delivery times has our courier drivers are somewhat infected from time to time by weather conditions and the immense traffic in the city.
But we can tell you though is that if you are ordering flowers for a delivery today we will get your flowers to the recipient's address today. We can deliver flowers to private homes and apartments, hospitals, and businesses around town.
Can I get a delivery now?
You would not believe it but this is one of our most common questions when people call us or jump onto our live chat. The answer to that is a big yes we can deliver today just as long as you get your order to us by around about 3 p.m. If we get an order after 3 p.m. it will be delivered the next day at the earliest possible time.
How come all your Sunday delivery days on the date picker are closed out?
The simple answer to that question is that we do not deliver on Sundays unless of course you are ordering flowers on Mother's Day which is the second Sunday of every May, which happens to be our busiest day except for Valentine's Day.
Can you deliver it to a local hospital?
We sure can just make sure that you provide us with all the patient's details that is in the hospital, where the hospital is and what the hospital name is, and what when they are in and what bed number they are in. Our website also requires you to provide the patient mobile phone number so please do not forget to do this.
On the topic of hospitals please be mindful of what you order as hospitals in Hong Kong never have vases not having your flowers in vases will dramatically decrease the time that they will live. It's highly advise that you buy flowers that are set in a box or that you add a vase to your order before checking out.
Generally what happens if nobody is home to take the flowers?
If a courier driver goes to deliver flowers and there is nobody home, assuming it is a home and not an apartment building, we will try and leave the flowers in a safe spot so that no one can steal them. If there is no safe spot to leave the flowers we will call the person that you are sending the flowers to and try organise a delivery time with them, or even to meet them somewhere in between.
How can I pay for my flowers?
At this point in time you can only pay for your flowers with PayPal PayPal is the safest way to pay online anyway and even if you don't have an account you can still use a credit card. The other really cool thing about PayPal is that if you are unhappy in anyway with the product that you received or there is a problem, you can create a case in PayPal and we can both work together to get to the bottom of it. The bottom line is PayPal is the best way to pay for anything online and the safest way to pay.
From a personal business point of you also other payment gateways have proven to be so expensive and actually make it very hard for us to do business which is why for a least one of the other reasons why we have chosen PayPal.
Do you charge a delivery fee?
Well actually we charge a service fee of $12, we charged this because we need to pay our drivers quite a lot of money to get flowers delivered in town.
Is your website safe?
We believe that this is the safest website of any florist in Hong Kong. To prove this simply take a look at the url address bar in your browser and you will see a number of identifying features which prove this to be true. First of all is that our website URL starts with https which means that the url has been secured by a state-of-the-art SSL certificate. SSL certificates are extremely hard to get for any business that has a website which is why most websites don't have them. To qualify for an SSL certificate you must prove who you are to the SSL certificate provider, which we have done.
If you're interested to learn more about SSL certificates we suggest you look it up in Google.
What if I want to send flowers to an apartment and nobody's home?
Well that's actually a really good question and particularly relevant in Hong Kong as the island is made up mostly of apartments.  so the answer to that question is simply that most apartment blocks have reception area and if we find that that there is no one home we will leave the flowers at reception or with the concierge they will then usually leave a note in the mailbox of the person receiving the flowers to alert them to their delivery. We've got a very high success rate in doing business this way so there is nothing to worry about.
Can I call you?
Yes you can call us and to be honest we love chatting to people and it's all about giving you the best possible service. You're most welcome to call us to order flowers over the phone or even get expert florist advice on what particular flowers to buy for what occasion. You can also call us if you have placed an order and a forgotten to add something to the order like a name on the free gift card that we provide when checking out. You can also call as to give as negative or positive feedback about your experience with Lily's Florist Hong Kong.
How do I use live chat?
We are the only florist in Hong Kong that has live chat activated on their flower website. We do this because we realised long ago that many of our orders are coming from people overseas you are sending them to their friends and loved ones you are working in Hong Kong as expats. It's not easy to call so we provide lifechat has an easy way of communicating with us, especially when someone wants to ask a very minor question about an order or about sending it order.
If I send you an email will you reply?
Absolutely we reply to emails all day every day, so if you have sent an email you can expect a reply as soon as we can. Just remember though that we are on Hong Kong time which is different Europe so if you have sent us an email please be patient. If you have not heard from us within 24 hours of sending the email you can always jump onto our live chat and have a chat to one of our experts online.
Can I get a receipt for the flowers I just bought?
We often get asked that question and the answer to that question is simply yes you can full stop the receipt that you will get if you order online will generally get to you as a part of your order confirmation and should arrive to you within 20 minutes of placing the order. If you have not received the order confirmation and receipt please check the spam folder in your email inbox.
If you have ordered flowers over the phone you will not get a receipt automatically, you have to request one from one of our friendly staff at the end of the conversation after you've ordered. If you forget to ask for your receipt again please either call us, jump onto live chat, or simply send us an email and we will get one to you as soon as we can.
I placed an order and the recipient hasn't received the flowers yet, what can I do?
As we've said previously the Hong Kong traffic can be brutal at times so have you have ordered for a same day delivery and it's only 3 p.m. in the afternoon please be patient as we're quite sure that the order will get to that person before 6pm If it's past 6pm and the flowers have not been delivered please contact us as soon as possible to find out what the problem was.
In my opinion the flowers were not what I expected, what can I do about that?
If you ordered flowers going to a loved one, then perhaps you received a WhatsApp message showing you the flowers, and they weren't up to the standard you were expecting, we ask you send at least two photographs of the flowers so we can investigate for you. However we must insist on receiving those photographs before 24 hours has elapsed after the delivery was made. This is a must as flowers to have a habit of decaying rather quickly so in the spirit of transparency we must get those images as soon as possible.
If both parties agree that it was indeed not up to our highest possible standards we will first of all offer to deliver some more flowers comma or we may or fewer partial refund, we may have an offer you a full refund. If we offer you a full refund you receive your refund within 24 hours of the complaint being made. Alll refunds will be paid via Paypal so once the payment has been refunded to your account you will see the funds pretty much straight away.
Do you deliver flowers to mainland China?
We have added this question because you would not believe how often we get asked it, and the answer to that question is yes we do however you must place the order by phoning one of our flower experts.

    Yes, you're most welcome to phone us either to place a flower order, or to get expert florist advice on flowers.


    To answer your question that is 'YES' Lily's Florist Hong Kong delivers same day flowers to all of Hong Kong.

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