Let a new bundle of joy be welcomed with the most adorable baby items and finest baby products by Lily’s Hong Florist. Our gift set for babies are packed with baby bath products, baby blankets, and other squishy baby stuff - it is definitely the perfect present for a newborn baby.

Lily’s Florist Gifts for Babies are designed for both baby girls and baby boys. These packages are a fitting gift during baby showers and when a family or friend gives birth in the hospital. Please make sure to order 2 days in advance before your preferred delivery schedule.

You can have items delivered at the home of the parents or the hospital where the mother and child are staying. For hospital deliveries, please provide us with the recipient’s room number, maternity ward details, and name of the recipient. Don’t feel bad if you can’t visit right away, Lily’s Florist will help you keep in touch with the people who matters most to you. We will deliver your congratulatory greetings with our adorable gift package.

We can also deliver to your home address if you decide to give the gift personally. Visiting a newborn baby and the mother is a delightful gesture; however, there are some things you need to consider when doing so.

Proper etiquette when visiting newborns

Wait for the go signal

Childbirth is an intimate event for a family and you should be patient enough to wait until you are given a schedule to visit. When caring for a newborn baby, there are sleepless nights and breastfeeding sessions that can make the mother exhausted. Give the family a breather and wait a day or two before visiting.

Keep the visit short and sweet

Personally welcoming a family’s new addition is a heart warming gesture; however you should also consider the need for privacy of the mother who might be breastfeeding and needing to rest for a speedy recovery.

Make sure you are healthy

This is important. You would not want to share any kind of viruses to a newborn baby and the breastfeeding mother. Before you visit, assess your health condition and know if you are in the pink of health. Otherwise, better celebrate with them with a new baby gift set delivered by Lily’s Florist and maybe stay at home until you get well.

One of the best news we will ever hear in our lifetime is to know that someone close to us has successfully given birth. Be one with them during this exciting phase in their life, send some festive new baby gifts, order now at Lily’s Florist Hong Kong.

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