Are you looking for a same day delivery lovely flowers to Hong Kong? Are you looking for a trustworthy local florist that can manage your special flower order?

If you have answered yes to both those questions then you are definitely in the right place. We have a long history of delivering same day flowers to all parts of Hong Kong and we are confident that we have a flower bouquet or flower gift to suit the person you are sending flowers to just perfectly.

Our flower range on display here has been expertly designed to suit all tastes and budgets moreover it's also been designed to suit all types of occasions.

So what types of occasions can I buy flowers for within this flower category?

That's a really good question and one that often we get asked, especially on live chat. We guess the first place to start is that one of our most common occasions that people send flowers for that is birthdays. If you are wanting to send flowers for someone's birthday you may want to consider first of all how much you are prepared to spend and second of all what you think your loved one or friend may like to receive. Does probably easiest to give you simply what our most popular Birthday flowers are in this category and that is our Starry Kiss, which is made up of a beautifully designed and stylish mix of roses and Lily flowers there's definitely a subtle tone to these beautiful flowers and they speak volumes about how you may have someone.


Another wildly popular, excuse the pun, occasion to send flowers for it this category is for showing your affection or love for someone that may be working in Hong Kong as an expat. Most commonly sent flowers for romance in this category is our famous make a wish bunch of flowers, which features stunning carnations arranged professionally in a glass vase. You can order this for same day delivery to any address likely from amazing low 58 US dollars, when you were ordering please ensure that you prepare yourself for the fact that you will need to write a message for the gift card. Make it thoughtful and spend a little bit of time thinking about what you might like to say about your loved one. You should also ensure that you have on hand a contact number just in case we need to call the recipient it's most likely that we won't call them however we need it just in case we find it difficult to get into where they live, especially if it's a locked door building.

All the flowers in this category are available for same day delivery, to ensure that we deliver them same day please order for about 1 p.m. the day you would like them delivered.

    Yes, you're most welcome to phone us either to place a flower order, or to get expert florist advice on flowers.


    To answer your question that is 'YES' Lily's Florist Hong Kong delivers same day flowers to all of Hong Kong.

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