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We would like to say that we are extremely dedicated and proactive in protecting the privacy of our customers and also the information that you provide us. As such we would like to give you a little information about what measures we have gone to to protect your privacy and the kind of stance that we have about your privacy.

Personal Details

The first and most prominent thing we would like to share with you is that at no point in time do we ever store your credit card information on our server or on our website.

As we use PayPal as our main payment Gateway they are fully responsible for this, it's our understanding that they do not retain this information in their system unless you tell them so, or you already have an account with PayPal. The only information we retain is the information about your flower order and the delivery information as to where the flower order is going in Hong Kong.

Email Address

When you order flowers through us you are required to enter your email address into our system to process your order. You can be rest assured that we will never share this information with any other company. There is nothing worse than ordering something online with a company and then a week later you start getting hundreds of spam emails, we fully recognise this is a problem globally therefore would like to reiterate that we would never sell  this information to a third party.

Your Data Protection

We are fully committed to protecting the information that you provide us when you place a flower order. Having a level security on our website not only protects you the customer but it also protects us as business owners and therefore is of the utmost importance.

One of many ways we do this is that we have embedded an SSL certificate on our website which provides the highest level of security to our customers. To even qualify for an SSL certificate you must provide the company all types of relevant information about your business, failing to do so means you will not qualify.

So a handy tip when ordering anything online is that you should always look out for url's that have an SSL certificate attached to their website. If you are unsure whether or not the online store has an SSL certificate simply look at the website address and if it does, it will start in https.

An SSL certificate means simply that you can order online safely without any fear of losing personal credit card information or personal data.

It's worth noting that we also have an SSL certificate embedded on our mobile website, so when you are using your phone you're also extremely safe and well protected.

Communication With You

As a customer of ours we reserve the right to contact you via email from time to time, this may include marketing emails or emails regarding your order, your past orders, or an order you have placed into the future sometime. Although it's difficult sometimes, due to time zones, we may also call you to discuss the details of an order, or even from time to time send you an SMS.

We may also from time to time call you to talk about updating your contact details within our system, but this is extremely rare.

If there is anything that hasn't been covered here and you feel that should be covered, or that you may have further enquiries about, please contact us, we would be more than happy to discuss the topic with you.

You can call us, you can send us an email, or you can jump onto live chat and speak with one of our flower experts now.

    Yes, you're most welcome to phone us either to place a flower order, or to get expert florist advice on flowers.


    To answer your question that is 'YES' Lily's Florist Hong Kong delivers same day flowers to all of Hong Kong.

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